Welcome to Project Paranormal Investigations
I am a GHOST VOICE / EVP enthusiast. I go to many unusual and normal locations to record ghost voices. I use older digital voice recorders and Audacity audio software to clip and clean each file. I then create videos to show people that these voices are real and exist all around us 24x7 anywhere any time.
I have been a Paranormal enthusiast for 11 years now. I have 350+ investigations under my belt back when I was an investigator. I have captured more than 15,000 ghost voices. I dont get paid nor charge for my services. I simply do this as a part of my own spirtual journey. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me using the link on the right panel.
Peace, Love and Light.... David Jones

Who is PPI? VLOG 2016

North American Dogman Project

news update 10-16-16

I have been asked to do an EVP lecture at Bobby Mackeys on 10-30-16

A small team is headed to Land Between The Lakes Kentucky for a Dogman investigation later in November.

If you want to be a STATE REP for the NADP please let me know. You must be able to field calls at all hours and assemble a team to hit the ground running. Documentation is critical so audio and video equipment is necessary as well as safety. Always investigate in numbers and let people know where your are going. The level of danger is the same as bear hunting so preparation and readiness is key.
Submit via the NADP form here ---> http://www.northamericandogmanproject.com/join-nadp.html

projects update 10-16-16

NADP is working with major producer on a TV series regarding the Dogman cryptid. Nothing final, early stages.

NADP is working with a local producer on a 2 million dollar budgeted movie about Dogman. We will act as Technical Consultants.

WEB UPDATES 10-16-16

New Point Pleasant page, Updated Evidence page, updated my bio page.

I have completed the 175 yr old Pharmacy, Dayton VA Medical / National Soldiers Home, GILL HOUSE and the 175 yr old Pharmacy video walk thru with Victor Paruta. Next video is my most recent trip to Poasttown Elementary

Videos in the oven: Point Pleasant, Moundsville Pentitentiary, NEW Poasttown Elementary, Bellbrook Ghostwalk, Dayton Victoria Theatre, Warren County Museum and maybe a few others. stay tuned!

click below for 80+ evidence videos

Point Pleasant - Mothman, Lowe Hotel

10 year video evidence comp 10-30-15

Xtreme EVP VIDEO 9-13-13

2016 Investigations

January 22nd - Poasttown Elementary School, Middletown Ohio.

January 24th - Golden Lamb, Lebanon Ohio.

February 10th - Poasttown Elementary School, Middletown Ohio.

March 19th - Gill House, Galion Ohio.

April 1st - Lowe Hotel, Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

April 2nd - West Virginia State Penitentiary, Moundsville, West Virginia.

April 15-16th - Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, Ohio.

April 22-23rd - Private location, Germantown, Ohio.

April thru June 2016 - Working on Dogman Documentary.

May 14th and 15th - Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, Ohio.

July 5th - Dogman interviews, Reed City Michigan.

September 11th - residential in Deer Park, OH..

September 17th-18th - Mothman Festival, Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

September 30th thru October 2nd - Scarefest, Lexington, Kentucky.

October 29th - Dogman Lecture Poasttown School, Middletown, Oh.

October 30th - Bobby Mackeys, Wilder, Kentucky.

November 2016 Land Between The Lakes Kentucky.

2016 - TBA Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

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